Legion: The Fall

This mournful tale shall echo in every corner of this galaxy throughout millennia, warning the brave ones about the peril of their aspirations and reminding the forsaken ones of what are they fighting for. This tale speaks of Magnus the Red and a Thousand Sons legion – once the most loyal warriors of the Emperor of Mankind and nowadays nothing but cursed warlocks and bearers of forbidden wisdom. “Legion: The Rise” was an epos which glorified deeds of these brave conquerors and scholars. But the epos itself led us to the beginning of their end. And now “Legion: The Fall” is about to become its final part; the serpent will finally catch his own tail – we will finally learn everything about the treachery, exodus, revenge and dream of the Fifteenth legion.

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Nikita Tarassenko

Guitar, Music

Maksym Vulchyn


Ferdinand Elvis Grossman


Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner