No Trust In Humanity

At some point your peaceful life just ends, and then suddenly, tears are replacing the laughter which you got used to so badly. Instead of standing still with the head held high you find yourself bended in half, trying to catch your breath after an unexpected sucker punch. In the moment like this there is no more joy in singing of epic battles and stars, far far away. You begin to realize that there’s no other choice except for stop being silent – and start screaming – about the things that are happening outside, right behind our door. About real wars where we’re losing real men, about irresponsibility and mediocrity, about unbelievable greed and hypocrisy or those who consider themselves as inaccessible. This song is a shout, a call, a demand. This song is a nihilism, squared. This is a song about how you lost your faith in humanity.

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Ferdinand Elvis Grossman


Maksym Vulchyn


Nikita Tarassenko

Guitar, Music

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